Our Services

  1. Integrated Impact Assessment (Health, Safety, Environment & Social)
  2. Hazards & Effect Management Process (Technical Safety Risk Assessment)
  3. Asset Integrity &Process Safety Management
  4. Performance Monitoring & Management
  5. Incident Investigation & Management
  6. Behavioural Safety (Hearts & Minds)
  7. Personal Protective Equipment
  8. Road Transport Safety Management
  9. Waste Management

Electrical Lighting Systems (including “Green Lighting” concept, i.e. lighting using renewable energy), design & installation of exterior lighting systems including Airports, Highways, Ports, Stadium etc.)fir

 Engineering Consultancy: Design, Project Management and Commissioning.

– Concept Design/Selection

– Detailed Design

– Reliability Studies

– Project Supervision/Management

– Commissioning support

The need for renewable energy must be seen against the backdrop of the most severe economic crisis the world has ever seen. There is the risk that that governments and businesses may continue to focus only on economic revival, to the neglect of the environment and the health and safety of its people.

Indeed, with ongoing natural disasters, exacerbated by climate change, Green Economy may be one of the most important subjects of our time. When $2-3 Trillion has been mobilized by a combination of industrialized economies to save jobs and reverse the economic downturn, the environment cannot afford to be seen waiting.

We see opportunities as the world moves towards Green Economy, and we are privileged to join in the reversal of environmental degradation, and improvement in energy efficiency via our innovative Green Lighting concept.

– HSE Management systems

– Assurance & Auditing

– Emergency Response & Contingency Planning

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